Forever 21 Credit Cards - Why All Are Running After It


So, these Forever 21 cards are the new kids on the block. It has been achieving some great feats since the last 30 years. They have already have aimed to cover about 600 stores under their umbrella and going ahead with a lot of power. It is one of the 5th biggest specialty retailers in the U.S.

It had a goal to earn around 8 billion dollars by 2017 and it is thriving. This family owned business is going great guns.


Registering for a Forever 21 Credit Card

Firstly, it is not possible to make the registration on the web. You need to register at a forever 21 store and register the card online with Comenity Bank.

The visa entry rules state:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.

  • You need to send personal monetary data and information.

Features of Forever 21

  • On your first purchase, you will get 20% off, on the same date subject to approval.

  • 5% back points as per the loyalty program is the main attraction.

  • Welcome Kit is another offering from the stable. The card arrives in 10 working days, along with 15% discount offer on next purchase.

  • You are all set to receive birthday discounts as well, if you have at least one purchase in 12 months.

  • Anniversary offer is another bonus point. Please keep your email addresses updated.

  • Shipping is free on standard norms, in U.S..

There are the same 2 varieties under this stable – a visa and a normal one. You can register online access with your Credit card number, ZIP code and Social security number. You need to put a proper ID, passwords, mobile number and email address and you are good to go.

Apart from these features, you get 24/7 online assistance. It is a great card to start with. So, the more you use the Forever 21 card, the more you are earning.  It is one of the best brands to shop at. It has great fashion and cool stylist tips. It is for the fashionista, who is on a shopping spree with great offering from the brand.

More details discover here.

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